Become A Circle Leader

What Is A Circle Leader?

A Circle Leader is a hard working member of the community, who is motivated to change her or his life. They are called "Leaders" because they are responsible for deciding their own goals and for taking steps toward achieving them.

Common goals include:

  • Getting a job

  • Securing reliable transportation to get to work

  • Starting a business

  • Finding better housing

  • Budgeting and/or saving

  • Getting a drivers license

  • Going back to school

If you are an individual who has dreams and goals for your life that you would love to be empowered to achieve, joining Circles might be an excellent option for you! Circles is designed to help you take steps toward your goals through positive relationships and healthy community.

The total program is a weekly, 18 - month commitment. The basic requirements are:

  • Enroll in the Circles Leadership Training Class to build financial, emotional and social resources

  • Partner with Allies who support your individual efforts through networking, listening, and guidance

All weekly meetings include a meal and childcare. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Mandy at (616) 589 - 6612, email or fill out our CONTACT FORM.

To get a more in depth explanation about Circles, visit the Circles USA website.