Mandy Bullers - Hutcheson

Mandy is the coordinator of the Christmas Store and heads up the Circles program. She lives with her husband Tim, and their three children: Alexis, Zach, and Luke. Contact:

Ron Alberts

When Ron isn't busy at the East Side Food Pantry, he's spending time visiting neighbors. Although he and his wife Jane live on the other side of Holland, he seems to know the entire neighborhood and always has time for people. Contact:

Jasmine Torres

Jasmine uses her gifts of creativity and connection to help others see the beauty in themselves and in our community. As a former student in Heights of Hope programs, she now finds ways to empower the young people in our neighborhood through a program she created, the Youth Leadership Coalition. Her artistic talents can be found all over Heights of Hope -- from her t-shirt designs, to photography, to graphic design on publications. Contact:

Laura Minkus

Laura heads up the mentoring program, Brain Boost, and Explosion. She spends a lot of time at Holland Heights Elementary School. She lives on Stratford Way with her husband. Contact:

Wasana Davis

Wasana is a long time member of our neighborhood. She represents Heights of hope on a City commission, co-directs the Youth Leadership Coalition, leads the neighborhood SOAR group/newsletter, loves to give cooking classes with neighbors, and oversees the usage of the community center. She has three sons and four grandchildren. Contacy:

Pam King

Pam and her family have been involved with Heights of Hope since it's very beginning. She now supports the staff and board as the executive director and finds many ways to connect and care for our neighbors, too. Contact: