***These classes are full: COOKING, BUILD IT and SPY KIDS***

Contact Laura at lauram@heightsofhope.org to register for any classes that still have openings!

Explosion is Heights of Hope's creative arts and skill building program for children, youth, and adults in our community! Students choose a class from the options below and work with teachers from our neighborhood and our partner churches to explore their creativity and learn new skills.

All 2022 classes will be held at the Community Center from 3:45-5pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, depending on the class. Classes begin the week of January 12 and continue until spring break. We hope to host an exhibition at the end. Masks are required for all teachers and participants.

Classes costs $5/person or $10/family for the whole session. Pay online when you register or put cash or check with your name on it in the dropbox at the Community Center. Let us know if you can't pay right now and we can set up a plan. Parents may also volunteer in a class or provide a snack to pay for the registration fee.

If you need assistance with transportation, let us know! We can set up a carpool or possibly provide transportation. Transportation to and from Boys and Girls Club is provided.

2022 Class Options

Wednesday Classes (3:45-5pm)

  1. Astronomy (Ages: 3rd grade through adults)

The universe is at your door. Join Mr. Kelly on a journey that starts with our nearest neighbor, the Moon, and continues with the inner and outer planets. We will learn about our sun and other stars in the night sky. Nebulae, galaxies, black holes, and other deep sky mysteries. Plan on lots of "minds on” activities that will help us learn together. Learn about NASA history and current missions. It will be a “Blast-Off”.

  1. Cooking and Baking (Ages: 4th grade through adults)

Join us in the kitchen each week as we learn kitchen safety, practice great cooking techniques, and create fun and healthy recipes you can try at home!

Thursday Classes (3:45-5pm)

  1. Ukulele (Ages: 2nd grade through adults)

Grab a ukulele (We’ve got one with your name on it!) and learn to play hundreds of songs. The ukulele is an easy instrument to learn and quickly rewarding. You’ll be able to play a song by the end of week one, even if you’ve never played before. Our class will even interact online with world class performers and write our own song to perform together!

  1. BOOK IT! (Ages: 3rd - 8th grades)

Have you ever made your own book? In this class we will create books in all sorts of ways and for all kinds of things—gratitude journals, scrapbooks, storybooks, and more! Bookbinding is so much fun and Jill, Ameliya and Ms. Post can’t wait to teach you!

Friday Classes (3:45-5pm)

  1. Spy Kids (Ages: 1st-3rd grade)

Calling all new spies and old! Are you ready for new mysteries and sneaky skills? Join the BG staff in a class that’s all about experimenting and solving puzzles. We’ll learn new skills with de-coding, making crystals, fingerprinting and master old skills of creating, problem solving and teamwork!

  1. Build It (Ages: 3rd grade through adults)

The Build It crew is back again with a class that will build and launch our own rockets. If you love creating with your hands, working with tools, and following instructions, this class is for you!

  1. Channel Your Inner Artist (Ages: 4th grade through adults)

Do you love acting, drawing, poetry, stand up comedy, dance, painting, photography, song-writing, world-building...? Wherever your curiosity is taking you and whatever your passion is, let’s explore it together and find out what it means to be an artist! Let’s learn new passions, build our skills, and figure out how to be human together along the way!