Mission, Vision, History

Our Mission:

Celebrate the God-given gifts in our neighbors, partner churches, and the greater Holland Heights community.

Cultivate meaningful connections between people from all walks of life.

Invite everyone into opportunities to learn and grow.

Heights of Hope is a Christian Community Development organization nestled into Holland Heights, formed in 2003 out of the neighboring churches' desire to learn how to be better neighbors. We are committed to the practice of Asset Based Community Development, which means we rely on the skills and talents of our neighbors and community partners to make our neighborhood even stronger than it already is.

Our most distinguishing feature is that our workers live right in the Stratford/Abbey neighborhood, building a strong sense of community and involvement in the neighborhood. The effect of our work impacts individual families, but is also systemic in nature. We work carefully alongside neighborhood leaders, empowering and encouraging their God-given gifts, that are often ignored by the world, to be used in unique and meaningful ways.

Goals that guide Heights of Hope’s work:

  • Organizing neighborhood gatherings that help build a positive sense of community

  • Encouraging and equipping church partners to engage in caring and meaningful relationships with neighbors

  • Identifying and strengthening neighborhood leaders

  • Linking people to available resources

  • Demonstrating the love of God for all people

While many of our programs and activities are strong and well-run, perhaps our greatest initiative is our desire to build healthy, positive relationships with people in our community. We want to become good neighbors and friends, people that can be trusted and leaned on during difficult times, as well as rejoice together in good times. And most of all, we want every person we come in contact with to know that they are valued and loved.