Thanks for joining us at the 2023 Heights of Hope Fest!

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Event Details:

Come celebrate the stars of Holland Heights!

Join us for this free, family-friendly event, featuring performances, artwork, food samples from local chefs, and a silent auction.

Updates and info on the Facebook Event page here!

Join us by volunteering, performing, displaying artwork, cooking, or sponsoring a star. 

Use the links below to sign up.

Auction Items

Silent Auction FAQ

How does Buy-A-Line work? 

There is a sheet on the table that has the item description on it and 10 lines below it. Each line costs either $5 or $10. When you put your Bidder Number on a line, you are promising to pay the specified amount for each line you buy. After all 10 lines are filled (or at 3:20pm - whichever comes first), a number will be drawn and the person who has that line number wins the auction item! 

How do Bid Boards Work? 

Bid Boards are similar to traditional silent auctions where there's a starting bid and in the end, the highest bidder wins. There's an exciting twist to this one though! When you sign up to get your bidder number, you will be given a stack of papers that you will use to submit your bids. When you come to the table, you'll see the items displayed. The current bid is listed on a board/wall behind the table. If you'd like to submit a higher bid, you fill out your sheet (with your bidder number, the item number and your bid) and the volunteer will post it as the new high bid. The twist comes during the last 5 minutes. With 5 minutes left, the Bid Board freezes and if you want to submit a higher bid, you fill out your sheet, fold it in half and put it in a jar. After the final 5 minutes of secret bidding happens, the volunteer will go through all the bids submitted in the jar and will reveal the winner! 

How do I pay? 

Before you leave, please stop at the table where you got your Bidder Number and check out. Cash or Check is preferred since there's no processing fee, but we will also gladly accept credit cards. 

When do I get my items? 

We would love for you to take your items as soon as you've checked out.

What if I have to leave prior to the end of the auction? 

Please stop by the checkout table prior to leaving to let us know. We will contact you by Monday to let you know your total, what items you won, and arrange for a pickup that following week. 

What will be at the auction?

All sorts of fun stuff! From donations from local businesses, to baked goods from famous local chefs, to experiences and outings, to artwork made by neighborhood artists. Watch the Heights of Hope Facebook page the week of the Fest to see some of the featured items. 

Sponsor a star to support the work of Heights of Hope! 

Personalize it with your name or a message and see your star on display at the Fest! 

Corporate Sponsorships are also available through the link below.