Kristen DeWitt Memorial

The Kristen DeWitt Advocacy Award 

In 2020, Heights of Hope lost a devoted advocate, dedicated volunteer, and dear friend, Kristen DeWitt, to a year long battle with depression. 

Kristen and her family first got involved in our original WHOA! fitness program back in 2009. Since then, there aren’t many aspects of Heights of Hope where you cannot see Kristen’s fingerprints. From tutoring at Brain Boost to teaching Explosion classes, from wrapping presents at the Christmas store to being an ally at Circles. She was instrumental in planning our first 5K, and she would also quietly show up on a doorstep with a meal, with open arms to hold a baby, or with her van to give a ride.  

Although her presence as a volunteer will be missed, Kristen managed to transcend those volunteer duties to become a steady rock in the Heights of Hope foundation. Kristen’s thoughtfulness and encouragement often sustained us. Her belief in the work of Heights of Hope was evident through her determination to have her own children involved in every single Heights of Hope program possible, trusting in the power of strengthening our community through relationships. She had the humility of a learner and the eye to see where she could insert her care and support. 

Kristen embraced the Heights of Hope mission as a part of her personal calling and lived into that calling until her final day. Her presence will be deeply missed even as the impact she left on our community will ripple out for years to come. Each spring this award will be presented to an individual or family who breathes love, life, energy, and grace into our work at Heights of Hope in a way that reminds us of the legacy Kristen leaves.  

2021 Winner: Sunshine Baillargeon-Smith

2022 Winner: Tesha Post

2023 Winner: The Lam Family