Adventure League

In the summer of 2017, we changed from doing our decade-long summer fitness program for kids called WHOA to hosting an evening family fitness program we like to call “Adventure League”. Each week, families get together for a healthy, home-cooked meal prepared by the group, followed by a family-friendly fitness activity like a scavenger hunt through VanRaalte, a taekwondo lesson from Master Chan’s, a hike to the beach, or slip n’ slide kickball.

Not only are families encouraged to play and be active together, but they have the opportunity to connect with other families from our community and build relationships that often go beyond Thursday nights. The program ends with the exciting Heights of Hope 5k and 1.5 mile races in the middle of August, where inspiring moments are always aplenty!

For more information on Adventure League, contact Laura (, or fill out our CONTACT FORM.