Community > Coronavirus, Part 2

posted May 4, 2020, 6:38 AM by Heights Of Hope   [ updated May 4, 2020, 6:39 AM ]
Community > Coronavirus

During this time, Heights of Hope has had some hard goodbyes. It's sad to think of all we're missing. We had to cut our winter creative arts program called Explosion short by two weeks. (Here's a
highlight video of what we still got to accomplish together.) We've stopped gathering on Monday afternoons for coffee and fellowship. We've stopped having our monthly potlucks and neighborhood leadership meetings. We had to cancel our neighborhood spring break trip and our annual luncheon. While we are sad to see those things go, we are so very thankful for how we've seen our community still coming together in powerful ways!

We see this play out every Tuesday in our Circles USA program ( The goal of Circles is to “build community to end poverty”. We love this program because it brings together people from all different walks of life who commit to meeting together weekly for 18 months as we set and work towards achieving goals, learning, networking, and supporting one another through all the ups and downs of life. Little did we know that this would include journeying through a global pandemic together!

Because of social distancing orders, we’ve adapted to meeting together virtually on Zoom each week and utilizing a Facebook page where we share resources, affirm each other when we see someone taking steps toward their goals, celebrate birthdays, and encourage each other when things get tough (like having your fridge break down in the midst of a pandemic or needing an emergency appendectomy)! We were apprehensive about how this obstacle would affect our group. We already have people coming from all different socio-economic and racial groups, life experiences, and access to and comfort in using technology. We met each other only two months ago. How would we build trust? Would we persevere?

We are praising God that the answer has been a resounding yes! Our attendance and participation has not only withstood this test but improved! The resilience, commitment, vulnerability and willingness to pursue one another has been inspiring. We are thankful for and reminded of the power of Community > Coronavirus!

Thanks for being a part of this amazing community. If you are able to financially support the work of Heights of Hope at this time, we invite you to follow this link.

The Heights of Hope staff